Der Australier Rob Macpherson bläst dem Publikum mit seiner gewaltigen Stimme regelmässig neue Frisuren in die Gesichter. Jack the Planet spielt dabei mehr als nur die erste Tondeuse. Die fein geschnittenen Eigenkompositionen und die sauber getrimmten Coverversionen sitzen perfekt. Und für die volle Dauerwelle sorgt die fein getönte Backing-Vocals-Section. R&B, Funk, Rock, Soul: die Band kann laut und elektrisch oder leise und akustisch hier gebucht werden.

Rob Macpherson lives in Bern. As an Aussie in his late ‚youth‘ Rob’s Joe Cocker like voice and his passion lead you to believe you have just come home to something very special.  Rob leads a wide range of songs including covers from the beatles, stones and more; From ballad through soul and into rock, Rob’s unique voice with a distinctive scottish growl has helped Jack the Planet into their role as one of the top Power Pop bands in Bern. Anthony Neidhart’s amazingly unsung songs are made for dance and listening pleasure. With Ursi Moser ‚our gorgeous Görl‘ we hit the stage with renewed vigour.  Stylish and cool, Stibu Tschanz’s bass guitar pumps lofty notes into the mixture of sound laid down by virtuoso Pudi Kohler on keyboard. Andi Baumann on drums steady beat frame the exciting climbs up and down the neck of Anthony’s guitar. Unplugged or not the band can be booked here.

Rob Macpherson      Lead Vocals
Anthony Neidhart   –   Guit/Comp/Vocals
Stibu Tschanz   –   Bass/Vocals
Pudi Kohler   –   Keys
Andi Baumann   –   Drums